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Roles of the Parent

If you’re a parent with a child who has started pestering you for driving lessons, then you know better just how serious this decision is. With the statistics not look so good, given that the RSA has pointed out that majority of the road accidents involve young and...


Our Student Driving Lessons

We at Pass My Driving Test Driving School are committed at providing parents and students with the option to obtain professional and quality driving lessons at reasonable prices. In this day and age...



Essential Driver Training Lessons

EDT instructor with student on a driving lessonOne major reason for why it has gotten less easy to pass driving tests these days is because of the institution of the Essential Driving Training or EDT. This obligatory training course is made up of numerous lessons which are all designed so that learner drivers derive the crucial skills fo them to be effective and safe drivers. This has been part of the RSA's Graduated Driver Licensing or GDL. By improving the standards of what it means to be a good driver, roads are best kept safe since only those who have satisfactorily finished the rigid EDT can have what it takes to pass the driving test and get a driver's licence.

Before you get started with the EDT course, it's important for you to understand that simply going through the list of lessons in the EDT course will not equip you enough to help you pass the driving test. You will need to go through as many practice lessons for you to really absorb the skills necessary to be a safe driver and pass the driving test.

The Necessity of EDT Lessons

You cannot do away with EDT lessons. The RSA has made it mandatory for all individuals with a learner's permit issued after the 4th of April 2011 to have to go through the complete EDT lessons before they can sit for their driving test. Those who are not required to go through the course can still opt to enroll in EDT lessons especially since doing so will drastically improve your chances of passing the driving test.

The main motivation for coming up with the EDT lessons is because the RSA has found out that majority of vehicular injuries involve drivers who are young as well as those who are inexperienced. To help new drivers develop critical driving skills and behavior towards road safety, the EDT course has been made mandatory.

Breaking Down EDT

So what happens when you enroll yourself in an EDT course? Basically, the entire course will be split up into 12 different driving lessons that each tackle a specific driving skill. You will have to complete each lesson one after the other. By the end of a driving lesson, your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will then record the progress of your driving lessons on a special logbook which will be given to you during the start of the course.

So that you can practise the skills which you have learned during each EDT lesson, you must appoint a sponsor. A sponsor is an experienced driver who agrees to oversee your driving practices outside of the EDT course. Majority of those who enroll in the EDT course pick out a family member for their sponsor. Just like with your ADI, your sponsor will have to write down comments about the practise session and describe your overall progress on your logbook after reach practise session.

There will be specific objectives that must be met with every EDT lesson. You can read the EDT syllabus for more information on the course as a whole. The 12 topics that will be covered in the course include:

  • Lesson 1: Car controls and safety checks
  • Lesson 2: Correct positioning
  • Lesson 3: Changing direction
  • Lesson 4: Progression management
  • Lesson 5: Correct positioning
  • Lesson 6: Anticipation and reaction
  • Lesson 7: Sharing the road
  • Lesson 8: Driving safely through traffic
  • Lesson 9: Changing direction (more complex situations)
  • Lesson 10: Speed management
  • Lesson11: Driving calmly
  • Lesson 12: Night driving

If after going through all of the EDT lessons you feel that you are still not up to par with the standards that are necessary for you to pass your driving test, then you can still schedule extra driving lessons to help you practise. Your sponsor can help you with that or your ADI. Once you are comfortable with the way that you drive, you can then apply for a driving test. During the day of your driving test, you will have to bring your complete logbook with you during the set date for your examiner to browse through.