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Special Offers & Pricing

12 EDT Driving Lessons - €299

1 Hour Pretest & Car Hire - €125

2 Pretest Driving Lessons - €60

4 Pretest Driving Lessons - €110

6 Pretest Lessons & Car Hire - €250


Having a driver’s licence and being able to cruise through the open roads is not a right; rather it is a privilege

Girl ready for a driving lessonHowever, just because driving is a privilege does not mean that you have to be privileged in order to get a driver’s licence. Pass My Driving Test Driving School will help you learn the rules of the road and equip you with the right skills to be a defensive driver minus the hefty price tags.

How much should you pay for driving lessons?

Quality driver’s education does not have to mean paying €40 - €50 for a driving lesson. With all of the costs that also come with the ownership of a car from insurance to vehicle maintenance, you definitely do not need to be burdened with exorbitant driving lesson costs. On the other hand, reasonable rates, such as those offered by Pass My Driving Test Driving School, can help you be a responsible defensive driver without all the financial constraints. Regardless of our fair rates, we give the assurance that we’ll provide well-trained and experienced ADIs.

How can we offer reasonable rates and still hire the best driving instructors in the business?

The reason for why we do not have to demand higher rates is because of the fact that we are able to save on expensive overhead costs simply because our business is entirely ran from the internet. This means that it’s more affordable for us to run our business especially since we can eliminate other expenses which are usually present when operating a brick-and-mortar establishment.

What are our rates?

Pass My Driving Test Driving School has rates that start at €25 for each hour, a special rate for blocks of EDT lessons. Learner drivers that want to sit for their driving test but do not have the vehicle can also take advantage of our available car hires.