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Special Offers & Pricing

12 EDT Driving Lessons - €299

1 Hour Pretest & Car Hire - €125

2 Pretest Driving Lessons - €60

4 Pretest Driving Lessons - €110

6 Pretest Lessons & Car Hire - €250

Pretest Driving Lessons

man passing his driving test after pretest lessonsIf you want to pass your driving test during your first go, then you simply must take pre-tests. We at Pass My Driving Test Driving School can offer pre-tests which are specially designed so that you feel comfortable during your actual driving test, increasing your chances of getting that driver’s licence during your first try.

If you are interested to know more about our services, below are just some of the special features that come with our pre-tests:

  • We can offer a variety of test routes all throughout the country.
      • While you may indicate where you want your driving test to be done, you may not always get the test route that you expected. To prepare you for any contingencies, we can offer you pre-tests which are done in different routes all over the country. Regardless of which test centre you have applied for in Dublin, we can help you prepare for whatever comes your way during the day of your actual driving test.
  • We will pair you off with a qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).
      • We understand that lack of preparation is one very common reason for why learner drivers fail during their first driving test. In order for our students to learn the rules of the road and be comfortable with performing driving manoeuvres while still being adhering to the strict rules of traffic safety and defensive driving. All of our driving instructors are qualified and RSA approved. With years of experience under their belt, you can be assured that they can pass on the knowledge that they have and deal with any situation that may arise in the most effective manner.
  • We have designed our pre-tests with your passing in mind.
      • We, of all people, know just how stringent the entire driving test is and how it has been made more difficult to pass with the institution of the EDT course. We also understand that your main goal is to pass the driving test. To help you towards that goal, we have designed our pre-tests to help you perform your best during these driving tests. Our driving instructors will always uphold high standards when administering pre-tests to prepare you for the rigors of the actual driving test and give you a higher chance of passing.
  • We will strive to give the confidence that you need to pass the driving test.
      • Sometimes, the only difference between passing and failing a test is your confidence while the test is conducted. We will not just help you to have the skills which would be necessary for you to drive properly but at the same time, we will help you develop the confidence so that you can drive with ease and without second-guessing yourself.
  • We strive for excellent passing rates.
      • We here at Pass My Driving Test Driving School, we have a passing rate of 97%. This means that almost all of our students are competent enough to pass their driving tests once they have finished with our pre-tests.