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Your Driver Theory Test

The first part of preparing for your Driver Theory Test is to apply to the Driver Theory Test Centre. The Driver Theory Test is an examination which would assess your theoretical knowledge of the rules of the road. The test is completely computerized. The areas which...


Applying for a Driving Test

The last leg of the journey before you finally get your most awaited driving licence is applying for the driving test and then passing it. Before you hand in your application and count the days until you have to apply all of the things you learned in your driving classes, you must take...


Getting Started

Getting a Learner's Permit

a student behind the wheelOnce you have passed your Driver Theory Test, the second step to getting your driver's licence is getting your learner's permit so that you can start your driving lessons. The learner's permit is something that you cannot bypass if you are really serious about learning how to drive. To legally drive on the road during your driving lessons, you must have a learner's permit with you. If you want to get a learner's permit, you can contact the local Motor Taxation Office or the local Garda Station for application forms. You can also download the application form for learner's permit on this link:

At the back of the application form, a checklist will be provided enumerating the different pieces of information that will also have to be present or available in order for your learner's permit request to be processed.

The checklist include the following:

  •   A pass certificate that you were able to pass the theory test.
  •   A duly accomplished learner's permit application form.
  •   An eyesight report or Form D502. You may download the eyesight report form in English by clicking on this link.
  •   A medical report or Form D501. You may download the medical report form in English by clicking on this link.
  •   Two recent passport photographs with your signature affixed at the back.
  •   The processing fee of €15. You can pay this fee through cheque, bank draft or postal order if you are applying for your learner's permit through mail. The cheque, bank draft or postal order has to be payable to the local authority that you are applying to. You can pay in cash if you are applying for your learner's permit in person.

Once you have submitted all of the necessary documents to your local authority, your application will then be reviewed and then you will be issued a receipt of application. Keep in mind that the receipt of application is not yet the actual learner's permit. You should be able to receive your final learner's permit within 10 days after the receipt of application.

When you have your learner's permit, you may then get started with your driving lessons.

For any questions and points of clarification on the process of applying for a learner's permit or if you are interested to know more about our services, you may call us at 01 685 6472 and our friendly team will assist you in anyway it can.