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Special Offers & Pricing

12 EDT Driving Lessons - €299

1 Hour Pretest & Car Hire - €125

2 Pretest Driving Lessons - €60

4 Pretest Driving Lessons - €110

6 Pretest Lessons & Car Hire - €250

Roles of the Parent

If you’re a parent with a child who has started pestering you for driving lessons, then you know better just how serious this decision is. With the statistics not look so good, given that the RSA has pointed out that majority of the road accidents involve young and...


Our Student Driving Lessons

We at Pass My Driving Test Driving School are committed at providing parents and students with the option to obtain professional and quality driving lessons at reasonable prices. In this day and age...


Benefits of Learning with Us

Learn More About Our Driving Lessons

driving instructor with a pupil on a lessonLearning how to drive opens up a world of opportunities for you. Having the mobility attached to having a valid driver's licence and the necessary driving skills which are requisites for obtaining the former will allow you to get for point A to point B without having to rely on someone else to drive you or having to take the rather unreliable public transport system. However, learning how to drive and, all the more, passing the driving test, is not an easy feat especially if you are the type of person to easily be rattled at the mere thought of being behind the wheel.

At Pass My Driving Test Driving School, we can help you with our affordable and profession driving lessons. When it comes to the best driving lessons Dublin can provide, Pass My Driving Test Driving School is part of the cream of the crop.

Below are the different services that we provide at Pass My Driving Test Driving School:

Superb Driving Lessons with Expert Driving Instructors

If you are serious about learning how to drive and becoming an effective and defensive driver, then you need to have a driving instructor who is competent enough to mentor you through the entire learning process. All of the driving instructors at Pass My Driving Test Driving School have passed ADI standards. Whether you are a complete neophyte who has never tried being behind the wheel before, or if you are a mature driver who is self-taught but has not yet managed to pass the driving test, you can be sure that you'll learn heaps from the driving instructors at Pass My Driving Test Driving School.

Driving Lessons Specially Devised for Beginners

We understand how fidgety you may feel when you've never been close to driving before and that is why we have come up with a special way of conducting our driving lessons so that beginners do not have any problem with the initial lessons. Warming up to the idea of being behind the wheel requires driving instructors who are friendly yet skilled enough to handle anything that may arise within the driving lesson's session. By conducting our lessons in a calm and relaxed manner, we can ensure that your first driving experience will always be a pleasant one.

Easy to Follow Driving Lessons

We believe that the goal of driving lessons is to help the learner develop the skills that will make him a competent enough driver so that he or she becomes confident and self-assured when actually being on the road. The most confident drivers are those who have developed the best set of driving skills. To make it easy for our learner drivers to learn those necessary driving skills, we arranged our driving lessons into easy to follow steps. These easy to follow steps have been proven to be our learner drivers' golden ticket to passing their driving tests. If you're not convinced, we have a 98% passing rate.


We understand that the entire point of why you're interested in our services is so that you can pass your driving test. Our pre-tests will help you to do just that. We can take you through the test routes in your location so that you become more comfortable with the route when you sit in for the acctual test.

If you wish to enquire about our services, give us a ring at 01 685 6472. Our friendly team can arrange your driving lessons for you.