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12 EDT Driving Lessons - €299

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6 Pretest Lessons & Car Hire - €250

Pass My Driving Test Driving School

Excellent Driving Lessons in Dublin
with Pass My Driving Test Driving School

boy passes driving test after driving lessonsCongratulations on finally taking the first step to getting your driving licence. With the right driving school, you are so much closer to finally getting that well-sought ability to drive effectively and safely. Pass My Driving Test Driving School is one of the leading driving schools in the entire Ireland. If you're finally eager to enroll yourself in one of the best driving lessons Dublin has to offer, then Pass My Driving Test Driving School is dedicated in providing you with excellent driving education.

Pass My Driving Test Driving School does not beat around the bush. We deliver exactly what our business name says, that is to help you pass your driving test

We understand that there are a lot of factors at play that could keep you from passing your driving test. That is why we have devised special format that will help even those who are the most nervous of individuals. You no longer have to worry about passing your driving test during the first time to sitting through one, Pass My Driving Test Driving School will help you achieve just that. In order to jumpstart your EDT driving lessons, you will be paired with the best driving instructor in order to get you comfortable with being behind the wheel.

Our friendly and highly experienced driving instructors have trained countless of learner drivers and helped them to successfully pass their driving tests. If you insist on passing your driver's test on the first try, then Pass My Driving Test Driving School has a passing rate of over 98 percent.

For professional driving lessons that will prepare you enough to pass that dreaded driving test during your first take, call 01 685 6472.